GRHO Program:

In order to achieve its mission’s milestones , GRHO has a comprehensive  program for human resource development and empowerment of all communities irrespective of their racial, religious and political tendencies through participatory and people oriented interventions at grass roots by safeguarding and promoting their basic rights, provision of basic needs, access to information and elimination of gender imbalances from the society. So GRHO is involve in at grass root level in different areas of Balochistan in collaboration with various national and international stakeholders/partners using three main strategies such as Advocacy, social mobilization and program communication including Build capacity of human and organizational resources through training and research, Facilitate provision of social services to the poor and deprived communities, Pro-actively participate in the human rights activities, Disseminate Information, Education and Communication (IEC) awareness through different means, for instance, electronic and print media, handbills, poster, research and publications, Facilitate and encourage local human resources to carry out their established objectives more effectively & efficiently, and Enhance women’s awareness about their rights, specifically about their Reproductive Rights. In general, provide a platform for women, where they can share ideas and work for their own overall empowerment and development.